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'The Lord is My Shepherd'

Of all the psalms, this psalm of David — Psalm 23 — is probably the most well-known of all that he composed. It’s often read during times of sorrow and grief, but the words David penned aren’t just for funerals. It’s for everyday living. As a young boy, he was a shepherd; thus, this psalm is often referred to as the shepherd’s psalm. But it’s not written from the shepherd’s point of view. David makes himself a sheep. Put yourself in David’s shoes, and listen closely to what he says about the Lord and the blessings found in serving the Lord.

Psalm 23:1: We won’t find any better leadership anywhere else. He is the Great I AM. God must be my Leader, my Teacher and my King. And He’s also my Provider. We lack nothing. We are content in the Good Shepherd’s care.

Psalm 23:2: The Good Shepherd gives peace. He gives rest. He protects. He is a calming Shepherd. We are able to cast our cares upon Him because He cares (Matt. 11:28-30; I Pet. 5:7).

Psalm 23:3: Like sheep, we go astray. Like sheep, we can’t find our way back without the shepherd. It is God who puts us back on our feet. It is God who is there to pick us up when we fall over. God forgives and makes everything right again. Only the Shepherd can restore lives because He leads us down the right path.

Psalm 23:4: The Christian life is not always an easy experience. We will go through trials and difficulties. But don’t fear — the Good Shepherd is there every step of the way guiding, protecting and comforting. God brings you into the valley of the shadow of death. Trust Him, because He will lead you out of it.

Psalm 23:5: The predators are lurking. The roaring lion is seeking whom he may devour. The dangers are there. But are we worried about them? Not if we’re with the Good Shepherd. God is going to take care of us. Our cup overflows with blessings, even through the pain we may experience.

Psalm 23:6: If I follow the Good Shepherd, notice what follows me — goodness and mercy. Other translations use the word “pursue.” The Lord is after you. He wants a relationship with you because He offers the perfect future — an eternal home in heaven.

Is the Lord your shepherd? If He isn't, don't you want Him to be? All things are ready. Come to the feast. Let Him be your shepherd.

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