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What to Expect When You Visit


In our teaching, you will hear obedience to the will of God being emphasized not sophistry or the philosophies of men. Faith in God, as taught in the gospel of Christ comes from hearing God’s Word (Romans 10:17). Application of God’s Word in your life should have a life-changing impact (James 1:21)

At the close of each service, there will be an "invitation" extended to anyone who wishes to respond either to be Baptized, for the remission of their sins, or for the Prayers of the congregation. If someone in the audience does respond requesting baptism, they will be immersed in water in the figurative likeness of Christ’s burial to then be "raised to walk in newness of life" (Romans 6:3-4).


Please come and bring your Bible to "search the scriptures" (John 5:39) with us. If you do not have a Bible, we will be happy to provide you with one. 

The Bible is Our Study Guide
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