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The Challenges of Cornelius' Conversion

Being good is not good enough (v. 1-2)

God is no respecter of persons (v. 34)

Get out of our comfort zone (v. 28)

Cornelius was saved the same way we’re saved: He heard the Word (10:33); believed (15:7); repented (11:18); and was baptized (10:48).

This week, let’s look at how Cornelius’ conversion also offers us an opportunity to examine ourselves. It is not enough to be good. One must become a Christian. However, it is not enough for one to be a Christian. One must also be good. It’s worth taking a closer look at Cornelius’ character to see how we measure up.

Am I devout to God (v. 2)? It’s the first thing said about Cornelius’ character — he had a reverential attitude toward God.

Do I fear God (v. 2, 22)? As a centurion, he, of all people, would know to respect one of even higher authority than himself. He learned enough about God to fear, revere, and respect Him.

Do I influence others for God (v. 2, 24)? Cornelius wasn’t content to keep his ideas about God to himself. He convinced his household to fear God as well.

Am I generous (v. 22)? Cornelius was generous and did what he could to help the Jews.

Do I pray to God often (v. 2)? Cornelius was a dependent creature — not dependent upon Rome, but God.

Am I an honest, fair person (v. 22)? Cornelius was a righteous man who did not take advantage of his position or his authority.

What kind of reputation do I have with others (v. 22)? The men sent by Cornelius to bring Peter back must sell to Peter that Cornelius is a good man.

Am I humble (v. 7-8)? Cornelius was humble enough to admit he needed God’s instructions, regardless of who the messenger was.

Am I eager to learn and to do (v. 33, 48)? Cornelius did what he was commanded to do by Peter.

Let us all use the story of Cornelius as a means to examine our lives, and let us be determined to make the changes in our lives where they need to be made.

Steven Matthews


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