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Back to School

Summer has gone by fast. Too fast, amirite? Back to school dominates the landscape this time of year — advertisements, social media, clothing stores and office supply stores. As we begin another school year, it’s not just about back-to-school checklists. It’s time to rearrange sleeping schedules and adopt a more structured daily routine. It’s back to reality.

So, along with textbooks, pens, pencils and paper, here are three things all students — and for that matter, every one of us — need to make sure are in our backpack before we head out the door.

Honesty (I Pet. 3:10-12): This is something you need if you’re going to kindergarten, college or back to the office tomorrow morning. It’s about your character, integrity, speaking the truth and living the truth. Be consistent in your behavior. There’s a temptation to wear a mask — to live one way at home, another way at school or work, and another way around brethren. Remember that others are watching your conduct (I Tim. 4:15). Be an example.

Salt and light (Matt. 5:13-16): People see us. They notice us. And when we go out into the world, we must invite them to look at Jesus through us. At work or at school, we are around a lot of ungodly people who do not know God nor have a concern for God. Be evangelistic. Let your light shine. Help them find Jesus. That’s your most important mission.

Steadfastness (I Cor. 15:58): To be steadfast means to be firm and unwavering. Paul always abounded in the way of the Lord. He kept taking punches from the world — just read II Corinthians 11 — and every time he got knocked down, he got right back up. At school, you’ll face a lot of punches: peer pressure, bullying, evolution, drugs, alcohol and other temptations. Remember, you’re not alone (Heb. 13:5). We serve a God who knows. We serve a God who loves. We serve a God who cares (I Pet. 5:7). We’re not just a number. We have purpose and meaning in life.

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