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We all have priorities. We determine what we do in our lives, and all of us have something that is our top priority. But at the frantic pace we live our lives, we can shortchange the thing that ought to be the most important in our life. So, let’s ask the question we all have been asked before: Is Jesus first in your life? Jesus says in Matt. 6:19-21 that wherever our heart is, that is our treasure — whether it’s physical/temporal or spiritual/eternal. Where your heart is at is evident by your actions: the things you do and say, and the things you don’t do and say.

But we live such busy lives. We’ve always got something to do, somewhere to be, someone to see, that it can take a toll on us in several different areas. It can take a toll on our children, our marriage, our body and most importantly, our spiritual life. The chase for temporal treasure can leave little time for eternal treasure (Bible study, prayer, meditation). We make time for the things that are really important to us. So, here are five questions we all need to ask ourselves:

What is the most important thing in my life? If you say God, that’s the right answer. But do your actions confirm that? We make our own decisions, and our choices have eternal consequences.

What do I think about most? When obligations aren’t pressing in my life, where do my thoughts gravitate toward easily? Is it God’s Word, prayer, spiritual things? Or do I have to force my mind to think on those things?

What gives when I face conflicting priorities? We can’t do everything, so where do you make the cut? In life, those conflicts are going to happen. Is the treasure of worship sacrificed for another hour of entertainment, recreation, work or sleep?

Where would others say my priorities lie? We don’t live life in a vacuum; we live life around other people. How are we influencing them? What would your neighbors, spouse, children say about what’s important to you?

What is in my life that keeps me from following Jesus with all my heart, soul and mind? The rich young ruler asked the most important question anyone could ask, but he knew he still lacked something (Matt. 19:20). Is there something that is hindering you from following God faithfully?

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